Datametrics Journal – Volume 5 (2013)



VOLUME 5 (2013): ISSUE 3, December

Review of article

Title: Business intelligence: Farmaprojects, SA.

Author/s: Capilla, A.

Date Accepted: 01/Sep/2013 Date Received: 15/May/2013.


VOLUME 5 (2013): ISSUE 2, August

Reviewed paper

Title: Tools and applications for Business Analytics by SAP

Author: García, C.

Date Accepted: 15/May/2013 Date Received: 15/Feb/2013


VOLUME 5 (2013): ISSUE 1, April


Reviewed paper

Title: Oracle Datametrics solutions

Author: Prats Juni, A.

Date Accepted: 30/Jan/2013 Date Received: 15/Nov/2012



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