Citation styles

No general agreement exists about citation styles and that situation is worst referring to electronic sources. For further information we advise to consult the excellent IFLA pages devoted to this subject. Other valuable contributions in English, French or Spanish are also useful. MTD Journals accepts the follow Style Guidelines, as shown in these examples:

·     In text: name (year).

·     In bibliographic references in alphabetical order:


1. Article:


Name1, I.; Name2, I. (year). “Title of article”. Journal. Vol: pag-pag.



Smith, J.; Scott, R. (2002). “The dataset”. International Journal Example. 12: 225-230.


2. Congress, conference or workshop:


Name1, I.; Name2, I. (year). “Contribution of congress”. In: Proceedings of Conference. Vol: pp-pp. ISBN. City. Country. Month, day-day



Smith, J.; Scott, R. (2002). “The dataset”. In: Proceedings of 10th International Conference. 223-234. ISBN: 84-4244-1306-0. Lisbon. Portugal. March, 3-6.


3.  Book:


Name1, I.; Name2, I. (year). Title. City: Editor. ISBN.



Cavaller, V. (2007) I+D+I. Fundamentos y procedimientos básicos en la gestión de la tecnología. Barcelona: Hexalog Networks, produccions científiques. ISBN: 978-84-9360791-3.


4. Electronic Source:


Name1, I.; Name2, I. (year). “Title”. Source. Available at: <http://&#8230;..> Date of access in format [].



Smith, W. (2008). “Technology Trends”. Scientific research and MOT Corporation. Available at: http://www.scr& [08.02.12]


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