R&D&I Journal

R&D&I Journal, International Journal of Research&Development&Innovation (ISSN:2013-0902) belongs to the Hexalog  Journals.

Hexalog Journals include several scientific journals published only in electronic format in the World Wide Web. No other version (printed or e-mail) is distributed. MTD_Journals is a public service of scientific communication for the world community of researchers in metric analysis, competitive intelligence, technology watch and R&D&I.

R&D&I Journal is devoted to study of metric analysis in organizations.

Link to R&D&I Journal’s Issues:

RDI Journal – Volume 4 (2011)

RDI Journal – Volume 3 (2010)

RDI Journal – Volume 2 (2009)

RDI Journal – Volume 1 (2008)

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