RDI Journal – Volume 6 (2015)



VOLUME 4 (2015): ISSUE 3, December

Review of article

Title: Thomas Campbell, Cristopher Williams, Olga Ivanova and Banning Garrett. Could 3D printing change the world?

Author: Capilla Ciutat, A.

Reviewed paper

Title: Solutions and Technology by SAP

Author: García, C.

Date Accepted: 30/Aug/2015 Date Received: 15/May/2015


VOLUME 4 (2015): ISSUE 2, August

Review of article

Title: Katleen Janssen. The role of public sector information in the European market for online content: never-ending story or a new beginning?

Author: García Martinez, C.

Reviewed paper

Title: Advertisements are a milestone in communications

Author: Capilla, A.

Date Accepted: 30/Apr/2015 Date Received: 15/Jan/2015


VOLUME 4 (2015): ISSUE 1, April

Reviewed Paper

Title: Matrix monitoring of activities in R&D&I: a new approach for agile methodologies

Author/s: Cavaller, V.

Date Accepted: 30/Jan/2015 Date Received: 15/Dec/2014

Review of article

Title: Timothy W. Armistead. Detecting deception in written statements, The British Home Office study of scientific content analysis (SCAN)

Author/s: Prats Juni, A.

Reviewed paper

Title: The new logo and the new slogan.

Author/s: García, C.

Date Accepted: 01/Jan/2015 Date Received: 15/Nov/2014.



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