SciWatch Journal


SciWatch Journal, International Journal of Competitive Intelligence, Strategic, Scientific and Technology Watch, belongs to Hexalog Journals.

Hexalog Journals include several scientific journals published only in electronic format in the World Wide Web. No other version (printed or e-mail) is distributed. MTD_Journals is a public service of scientific communication for the world community of researchers in metric analysis, competitive intelligence, technology watch and R&D&I.

SciWatch Journal is devoted to study of strategic management of information, competitive intelligence, strategic, scientific and technology watch functions in organizations.

Link to SciWatch Journal’s Issues:

SciWatch Journal – Volume 6 (2015)

SciWatch Journal – Volume 5 (2013)

SciWatch Journal – Volume 3 (2010)

SciWatch Journal – Volume 2 (2009)

SciWatch Journal – Volume 1 (2008)

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